John Frusciante 2004 tour 

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has spoken about the band’s new album, revealing that work has begun on “28 or 30 songs”.

"The Chili Peppers are working every day writing,” said Klinghoffer. "We have produced a more elaborate demo stage into the writing, at least more than the band has before. Flea owns a really great studio now. I’ve been recording and writing with the Chili Peppers every day."

Source: NME

By Francesca Sara Cauli, 2011 
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By the Way tour - 2002 

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By The Way “Rough Mixes”

  1. Someone
  2. (I Would Die) I Could Die for You
  3. Tear
  4. Time
  5. Body Of Water
  6. Goldmine
  7. (Drone) This Is The Place
  8. Don’t Forget Me
  9. (Coltrane) The Zephyr Song
  10. Fall Water
  11. Midnight
  12. (Soul Train) By The Way
  13. Can’t Stop
  14. Out Of Range
  15. Rock & Roll
  16. Havana Affair [instrumental]
  17. (New Wave) Rivers Of Avalon
  18. Eskimo
  19. Fortune Faded
  20. Universally Speaking
  21. (Throw Away) Throw Away Your Television
  22. (Epic) Venice Queen


'Rock & Roll' is a previously unheard song that was recorded during the By The Way sessions. It's a rough-mix. 

save-the-p0pulati0n: Hillel leaning on anthony while playing and john leaning on anthony while playing please!

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Flea and john facing each other while playing - Requested by : anonymous 

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